You are eligible for SNU ISP if you are:
  1. Currently enrolled in an undergraduate program
  2. Hold a bachelor’s degree from an undergraduate program
  3. Have received acceptance for and will be attending an undergraduate program in Fall
At present, there is no minimum GPA requirement for SNU ISP.
(Policies may be subject to change after summer 2018.)
There are no language requirements, Korean, English or otherwise, for attending SNU ISP.

However, all courses at SNU ISP are taught in English, so in order to be able to follow the course, a certain level of English proficiency will be necessary. There is no need to have any previous knowledge of Korean language in order to attend SNU ISP or spend the summer in Korea.


In general, exchange student agreements between universities are only offered for Spring/Fall sessions. However, with certain partner universities, Seoul National University may have exchange agreements with a clause that includes Summer session (SNU ISP). If your university’s exchange agreement with Seoul National University has this clause, it may be possible to join SNU ISP as an exchange student.

In this case, you must apply to SNU ISP according to your university’s guidelines for Summer session exchange. You will be making payment of fees according to your university guidelines as well. There also may be limitations in the number of spots available for joining SNU ISP as an exchange student.

If your university does not have an exchange agreement or does have an exchange agreement but only for Spring/Fall sessions with Seoul National University, you will need to apply and register for SNU ISP on an individual basis, as a visiting student.

On-campus Housing (SNU Dormitory)

On-campus housing is an optional choice. If you already have a place to stay during the program or prefer to stay at an off-campus accommodation on your own, there is no need to apply for on-campus housing.
On-campus housing offered by SNU ISP does not include a single-room option. If you apply for on-campus housing, you will be sharing a room with a fellow SNU ISP student.
The on-campus housing fees include: fully-furnished dormitory accommodation (shared 2-person room) and the use of dormitory facilities including laundry machines, utilities, LAN internet, round-the-clock assistance provided by SNU ISP Resident Advisors, and bedding/pillows. The on-campus housing fees do not include a meal-plan or other personal amenities such as towels, shampoo and other toiletries, and any other items not mentioned above.
SNU ISP does not pre-arrange dormitory rooms based on roommate preference. However, if you arrive at dormitory check-in together with your friend, SNU ISP staff will assign a room for you and your friend to share on the spot.


SNU ISP does not provide an airport shuttle service, mainly because there are regular airport limousine buses that come directly to Seoul National University. For more information, please check out How to get to SNU.